"Breathe deeply"

To be clear: Project CARS is not broken like many of the PlayStation 4 titles from last year. It is, however, in need of patching, as it has a handful of minor issues that start to add up. This clip posted to YouTube may well be the worst of them, though, as the unlucky player on the receiving end encountered it when 30 minutes away from completing the Le Mans 24 Hours event.

In it, SectF1 is shown pulling out of the pits on his 308th lap. However, when he re-enters the race, the game completely freaks out, tossing his car into the sky and forcing him to exit the event. Under ordinary circumstances, this would be an amusing video – but when you consider that approximately 23.5 hours of progress were lost here... Well, suddenly it loses its comical value.

[source youtube.com]