PlayStation Now PS4 1

PlayStation Now has been alive and kicking in the US for a little while now, but we're only just starting to get our first taste of the service in the UK. Sony is currently running a beta in Britain, which has allowed Digital Foundry to write a full and frank report on the state of the cloud gaming initiative. Its conclusion? There's definite potential in the platform.

While it does note that latency and video quality can be an issue in certain titles, the publication also points out that the programme plots a return to the plug-and-play experiences of old. Indeed, assuming that you've got a fast enough connection, there's no need for patching or installing; games run right away.

However, one unexpected benefit of the service is that it brings with it much faster loading times – an advantage of the titles being stored on a server rack, rather than a standard consumer console. According to Digital Foundry, using the service cuts in-game delays by up to 50 per cent, which is a vast improvement compared to local hardware.

Of course, the biggest challenge that Sony continues to face with this entire initiative is monetising it. Overseas, it's introduced a subscription model, but we're still yet to learn what kind of uptake it has seen. Have you tried PlayStation Now yet, and what do you think of it? Stream some thoughts into the comments section below.