Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PS4

You can never have too much of a good thing, as Wolfenstein: The Old Blood looks set to prove this week. MachineGames' first-person reboot was surprisingly well received when it released last year, and so it's no surprise that the Swedish studio is giving the shooter another shot. It's not the only major arrival scheduled to land on Planet PlayStation this week, of course, as puzzler Ether One is also in the pipeline – and will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Pick of the Week: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Admit it: you didn't expect Wolfenstein: The New Order to be any good, did you? MachineGames really took some risks with the reboot, ditching multiplayer in favour of a carefully curated single player experience. It also went old-school in many ways: health packs, dual wielding, and weapon wheels. But it worked – and the game felt fresh as a consequence.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood regurgitates much of what made its predecessor so memorable, and attempts to expound upon the alternate history story. Once again, you'll play as the brilliantly named B.J. Blazkowicz, as you attempt to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and lay waste to some Axis antagonists. Boom. Headshot.

PS4 | 5th May [NA], 6th May [EU]

Project CARS PS4

Everything Else

AirMech Arena
PS4 | 5th May [NA]

Arcade Archives City Connection
PS4 | 5th May [NA]

Arcania: The Complete Tale
PS4 | 8th May [EU]

PS3 | 5th May [NA], 6th May [EU]

PS4, Vita | 5th May [NA], 6th May [EU]

Ether One
PS4 | 5th May [NA], 6th May [EU]

Project CARS
PS4 | 8th May [EU]

Syberia II
PS3 | 5th May [NA]

What will you be tucking into this time? Will you be firing free with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, or butting your head against Ether One? Take a pick in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (32 votes)

  1. AirMech Arena  0%
  2. Arcade Archives City Connection  0%
  3. Arcania: The Complete Tale3%
  4. Chariot  0%
  5. Cosmophony3%
  6. Ether One9%
  7. Project CARS56%
  8. Syberia II3%
  9. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood25%

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