Ark Survival

An open world, online survival title that features dinosaurs? Yes, we're intrigued, too. ARK: Survival Evolved is making camp on the PlayStation 4 early next year. The game's being developed by the independent Studio Wildcard, and its gameplay reveal trailer shows off a ton of stuff.

It's abundantly clear that when you're not hunting and killing overgrown reptiles, you'll be climbing onto their backs and riding them around a lush tropical environment. According to the press release, you can tame 60 different creatures, build shelters, gather materials, craft bits and pieces, and develop your character. Apparently, the title will also feature a dynamic, ongoing ecosystem, while emergent multiplayer allows you to team up and survive with other humans that you may stumble across.

In truth, the footage in the video that we've embedded looks a little bit rough, but we can certainly see the potential. Did you know that you were even hungry for a dino-filled open world release? Gang up against a t-rex in the comments section below.