LEGO Dimensions PS4 PlayStation 4 Portal

LEGO Dimensions, the toy-based title by Traveller's Tales, already has brands such as Batman and Lord of the Rings in its stable – but US retailer Walmart appears to have accidentally product pages for a Portal pack. Valve's first-person puzzler will seemingly be accompanied by The Simpsons, Jurassic World, and Scooby Doo – but the listings have since been pulled.

If it's anything like the image embedded above, the Portal set could be sizeable, perhaps including protagonist Chell, a couple of companion cubes, and a brick-based interpretation of GLaDOS. It's not the first time that the head scratching series has been mentioned in the same breath as LEGO Dimensions, as Family Gamer TV recently did some detective work and speculated that the franchise could be included.

Given how clever the Portal property is in its own games, this could open up some nifty gameplay opportunities in Warner Bros' latest take on the world's favourite Danish bricks. The game's due out in September, with waves of toys due thereafter. You may want to start saving for this one, as it's going to be pricey.