Tales of Z

Well this has all kicked off rather nicely hasn't it? Just a few hours ago, we posted that series producer Hideo Baba had hinted at possible Tales of Zestiria news at next month's Tales Of Festival. Now, posting about the gathering on Facebook, while also linking to Gematsu's article on Baba's comments and the subsequent rumours, Bandai Namco has brought about even more speculation.

"There's been rumours that we can't comment on... Until this!" the Facebook post reads, referring to the upcoming event. Now, call us mad, but that certainly sounds like the publisher's planning to announce something at the Tales Of Festival, and, given that the rumours of Tales of Zestiria coming to PlayStation 4 are really beginning to gather speed right now, what else could Bandai Namco possibly be talking about?

[source facebook.com, via gematsu.com]