Nom Nom Galaxy PlayStation 4 PS4

Udon know about you, but all of these PlayStation 4 indies are getting a bit predictable. It's almost like the smaller developers are boiling the same puzzle platforming broth, so thank heavens Q-Games hasn't chickened out, and has added some interesting new ingredients to the pot. Nom Nom Galaxy is the latest PlayStation 4 title from the Kyoto-based outfit in collaboration with Double 11 – and it sounds ex-crème-ly exciting.

It looks a little bit like Terraria: you must mine two-dimensional environments in order to garner the resources required to build machines, robot operated production lines, and more. The twist is that you'll be manufacturing soup and exporting it all over the universe – and your rival intergalactic gloop engineers will be out to thwart your efforts. If all of this sounds a touch complicated, you'll be able to play co-operatively with up to four players online.

Elsewhere, asynchronous challenges will bring out a big wooden spoon and stir up your friendships, allowing you to battle for culinary medals against your mates. There's a trailer embedded below which should give you a feel for the general gameplay loop. Is this out-there title to your tastes, or are you not especially fond of liquid foods? Strain your noodles in the comments section below.

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