Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Batman: Arkham Knight is now on the final straight ahead of its hotly anticipated 23rd June release, and to celebrate, developer Rocksteady Studios has deployed a brand new trailer introducing some of the cast from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 foray. In it, we get a good look behind the mask, as voice actor Kevin Conroy records a few lines as the Bat – and gives some insight into the character.

We're also introduced to some of the other all-star cast members; Jonathan Banks, best known for Breaking Bad, will play Commissioner Gordon, for example, while Twilight's Ashley Greene will assume the role of Barbara Gordon – who we now know is also Batgirl. Finally, Australian thespian John Noble talks a little about lead antagonist Scarecrow.

It's honestly a pretty good trailer, with a good look at several scenes from the game – and tons of commentary from the actors themselves. Are you ready to be the Bat all over again? Practice your gravel throat in the comments section below.