This should be good

We don't know about you, but when we think of Godzilla, we don't cast our minds back to the 1998 flick, nor do we think about 2014's resurrection attempt. Instead, we think of the good old days of actors in big stupid suits, kicking the crap out of model towns.

And so, you can imagine the relief when we saw the new Godzilla game trailer, in which the title looks just as ridiculous as its old school source material. Coming to PlayStation 4 in July, the release plays host to a handful of playable monsters, and they star in this newest video. The gameplay that we've embedded looks suitably cheap, but in the best possible way, and we're absolutely loving those crazy visual effects that accompany most of the long range attacks.

Are you with us on this one, or is this look a but too dumb for your tastes? Stomp us flat in the comments section below.