Dragon Quest Toriyama

Yuji Hori, the Dragon Quest series' creator, has stated in an interview with Ruliweb that a PlayStation related announcement may be on the cards. Kindly translated to English by Gematsu, Hori says "I can't say anything right now, but something might be announced before long", when asked whether another mainline Dragon Quest release will ever find its way onto one of Sony's systems.

It's a promising nudge from the franchise creator, then, but Hori could really be hinting at anything. We already know that Dragon Quest Heroes is set to launch in the West at some point later this year, while Dragon Quest Heroes II was revealed back in April. Meanwhile, the superb Dragon Quest VIII is getting a Nintendo 3DS port, and to be honest, we certainly wouldn't mind seeing it remastered for the PlayStation 4 or Vita, either.

Are you holding your breath for any Dragon Quest title in particular? Cram as many slimes as you can into the comments section below

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