Dai Patch

Ever get really angry over the fact that your character's beard in Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't quite fit his face? Or that you didn't get the blasted trophy for killing all ten of those damned dragons? Well, it's time to simmer down, because a nice big patch is waiting for you on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Update 1.08 fixes both of the aforementioned bugs, along with more issues than we care to count. The patch notes are huge, and include things like glitched armour, specific class and specialisation tweaks, conversation bugs, enemies getting caught on scenery. quest progression problems, animation issues, crafting bugs, multiplayer balancing, the addition of new content, and necessary preparation for the incoming free DLC. If you want to baffle yourself with the full patch notes, feel free to click through here.

Meanwhile, it's also worth noting that the free Black Emporium and multiplayer expansion DLC packs will be available later today on the PlayStation Store - at least in North America. In Europe, the add-ons are expected to be a part of the regular store update tomorrow.

Does the patch fix any of your persistent woes? Grow the beard that you've always dreamed of in the comments section below.

[source blog.bioware.com]