You can't argue with free DLC, especially when it contains a slew of features that fans will no doubt adore. BioWare's in the good books, then, since Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting a fair bit of free content next week.

First up is the Black Emporium - a recurring location that offers up oodles of rare items and bits of gear for you to throw your gold at. Most importantly, though, it also provides you with the opportunity to alter your Inquisitor's appearance. Sick of your annoyingly wonky nose or overly shiny lips? You won't be for much longer.

Meanwhile, the franchise aficionados among you will already know who the often delightful and sometimes vulgar Isabela is, but for everyone else, we reckon that we may as well explain. A non-playable character in Dragon Age: Origins and a party member in Dragon Age II, Isabela's a rather rowdy and successful pirate. However, she didn't show her face in last year's release.

Fortunately, that'll technically no longer be the case when Inquisition's next multiplayer DLC arrives, as it tosses Isabela into the fray as a new playable character. By her side will be an agent known as Skywatcher, and another named Zither, who's a team-buffing bard of legend. Funnily enough, the latter actually started life as an April Fools' joke that the developer knocked together. On top of that, a new item that you can craft will allow you to take on dragons alongside your co-op buddies, and there'll even be a fresh map to test your skills on.

Will you be giving your character a facelift, or will you be diving into the fresh multiplayer content? Roast us alive in the comments section below.