Soz 'ard

Flippin' heck, Warner Bros – all you needed to do was splice together a couple of clips of the Caped Crusader kicking goons in the gob and your Batman: Arkham Knight commercial would be complete. So, what in the name of the Joker is this? The commercial has leaked onto YouTube today and is coming from an unofficial channel so is potentially subject to change. It looks final to us, though.

Basically, it shows a group of everyday people in challenging situations. The theme's all about unlocking your inner-strength... Which you'll presumably be able to do by becoming the Dark Knight in Rocksteady's forthcoming PlayStation 4 foray – or something. Cheesy doesn't even cut it, we're afraid – this clip stinks like a great pile of sweaty stilton being stored in a sauna.

Update (12:30PM BST): The video's now been uploaded to the game's official YouTube page, which means that it's legit. Gross.