Cat fight

We're now weeks away from the Bat Signal being fired up on your PlayStation 4, and Warner Bros is dropping gameplay trailers like they're going out of fashion. This new one – 'Time to Go to War' – deployed a little earlier in the week, but slipped through the cracks here at Push Square Towers. As such, we've embedded it below for your belated viewing pleasure.

Captured using a PS4 console, this is essentially a showcase of all of the game's major features. We get a glimpse of the Dark Knight soaring through the streets of Gotham in search of Poison Ivy, before embroiling himself in some fisticuffs. He's then tasked with transporting the green fingered antagonist to the police – but takes out a few tanks along the way.

What more is there to say about this release? It's certainly looking slick at this almost-finished stage, and while we're yet to be convinced whether the car combat will fit, it's going to make a nice post-E3 palette cleanser, isn't it? Watch the video and then share some of your impressions in the comments section below.