Bat to black

Perhaps clocking the overwhelmingly negative response to Batman: Arkham Knight's steep Season Pass, developer Rocksteady Studios has released a full rundown of the kind of content that you can expect to scoop as part of the £32.99/$39.99 six month subscription. Top of the billing is an all-new prequel story starring Batgirl, which will take place in a fresh location. The first artwork of the character – embedded to the right – is pretty cool; quit twisting our arms, Warner Bros.

This, of course, is not all, though. You'll also get access to new story missions starring the Batman, which will involve new narrative arcs, gadgets, and villains. There'll be additional events where you'll play as the Dark Knight's allies as well, in addition to race courses where you'll be able to drive various iconic Batmobiles from the comic book character's storied 75 year history. Finally, you'll land a bunch of challenge maps and character skins. Hnngh.

Much like Natalie Imbruglia, we're feeling torn. On the one hand, assuming that this content is actually well made, we're undeniably tempted by this roster of extras. On the flipside, though, we've finally arrived at the point where publishers are attempting to justify $100 games, and that doesn't sit well with us at all. Where do you stand on this contentious issue? Take a stance in the comments section below.