Bloodborne PS4 Blu-ray Christmas Music

Bloodborne's a terrifying game at the best of times – especially when the Blu-ray is replaced for a Christmas Pan Pipes compilation CD. We're squinting at the legitimacy of this NeoGAF post, but it seems authentic enough to warrant coverage here on Push Square. According to user Messofanego, he picked up a shrink-wrapped copy of the PlayStation 4 exclusive from GAME Epsom earlier today – only to find some festive audio inside.

"Belated April Fools on someone's part? It's 2nd April, and I'm not laughing," he wrote on the gaming forum. "Whoever did this as an ill-advised prank, I had to pay £55 for this prank. I'd only find it funny if the Christmas CD actually played Bloodborne and I might even keep it for jokes, but the PS4 said that it was an unsupported disc." Bizarrely, when returning the game to the shop, he found himself in line with another infuriated customer – whose copy of Battlefield Hardline came with some seasonal songs, too.

Unfortunately, neither the retailer nor Sony is willing to accept the blame. "The GAME employee says it can't be their fault because it was sealed and they didn't tamper – it came from Sony," the post continued. "He gives me a slip for the PlayStation Support telephone number. I come back home, and am puzzled at why this wasn't sorted then and there with at least a replacement. I call up PlayStation Support, and a dude named Jack tells me that it's not a problem with Sony – it's the retailer or the game developer's issue."

The user then went on to post the seal that the game came in, which looks legit to us. It's possible, then, that this could be a gag spanning all the way back to manufacturing. Either way, we suspect that this poster won't be feeling especially festive right now – especially seeing as this story is so downright bonkers that it's hard not to laugh.