Warframe Update 2

Free-to-play title Warframe is getting yet another large content update on PlayStation 4, bringing new frames, quests, locations, and game modes to the ever-expanding table. At this point, the release has been tweaked and built upon rather extensively, making the stealth and shooter sci-fi hybrid more and more worthy of a download.

Dubbed the Sanctuary update, the new patch calls in the aid of Chroma, a new frame that's all about manipulating the elements. It sounds like a customisable character, too, as depending on what colour energy you have equipped, your powers will change.

Meanwhile, a new game mode called Cephalon Capture will bring more variety to the title's competitive offering. It'll provide a selection of specific Warframes to use, along with a limited arsenal, and tasks players with a capture the flag-like challenge.

Next up, Sanctuary is an area where you'll be able to build up a database on the game's lore through tracking down rare targets, and a new quest called The New Strange will grant you the aforementioned Chroma frame if you manage to complete it.

Do you still jump into Warframe now and then, or have you been waiting for an excuse like this? Sprint, slide, and roll into the comments section below.

Warframe Update 3

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