AT-AT Balker

We thought that it sounded too good to be true: Star Wars: Battlefront will not have a traditional single player campaign. The hotly anticipated sci-fi shooter will forgo a classic solo outing, instead opting for a series of short missions which can be played alone or with friends in online and local co-op.

"I would say [that the missions] occupy that space, where you play alone," DICE gaffer Patrick Bach told IGN. "Or you can play co-op, split screen or on the internet. The game is first and foremost a multiplayer game. Battlefront was a multiplayer game. That's the game that we wanted to create – to recreate the battles of the Original Trilogy."

It's an understandable decision, but a no less disappointing one – we'd always assumed that the title would feature a Call of Duty-esque campaign spanning some of the most memorable moments from the movie series. The aforementioned objectives will apparently be "short", and designed around replayability. The game's all about competitive multiplayer, then.

We'll learn more about the missions at E3 2015 later this year, but in the meantime, are you saddened by this news? Take out your lightsaber and cut the comments section to shreds.