PlayStation Vita

Remember when Sony was found guilty of a deceptive PlayStation Vita marketing campaign? The commercials talked up the possibilities of cross-save, and failed to include any disclaimers, leaving the firm in a legal tussle. It lost, and now anyone who bought the portable before 1st June, 2012 is entitled to compensation. You'll need to be from the United States, mind – the ads only ran overseas.

Should you have the time – and patience – to fill in the form found through here, you'll be entitled to one of three sweeteners: $25 cheque, $25 of PlayStation Network credit, or one of three different game bundles. These are separated into packs and include various first-party PlayStation 3 and Vita titles. The lineup is as follows:

You'll need proof of purchase to claim your prize, and will need to have sent all of the relevant information off by 29th June, 2015. Can you be bothered overcoming this bureaucratic barrier? Fight for your rights in the comments section below.

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