Star Ocean 5 1

We knew that it wouldn't be long before Square Enix started running the media tap with regards to Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness. As such, the publisher's released two pretty looking screenshots and one teaser trailer for the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game.

The pictures mostly give an idea of what sort of environments you can expect, although it's worth noting that previous Star Ocean titles have featured many varied locations, as you hop from planet to planet. Nevertheless, they look promising, boasting some nice lighting and quite a bit of detail.

Next up, we've got the trailer, which should get your nostalgic juices flowing as it briefly looks back at past entries in the series. It's a mood setter, then, but if you're excited about tri-Ace's latest, then it's still worth a peek.

Are you hyped for Star Ocean 5, or are you not a huge fan of the franchise? Imitate some truly awful voice acting in the comments section below.

Star Ocean 5 2