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Yoshinori Ono, the man behind Street Fighter's recent revival, is a cheerful chap – and he recently beamed his way through an EDGE interview about Street Fighter V. In it, he stated that the sequel will not be as straightforward as some expect, packing just as many surprises as punches. We just hope that one such shock isn't a Seth-esque final boss. Shudder.

"With Street Fighter V, we have a fantastic opportunity to create something with a larger scope," the series producer said, as reported by Games Radar. "A game that encompasses all that Street Fighter has become in the last few years, but which also expands on that to become something it has never been before as well."

He continued: "So, now we want to create something that nobody is expecting. It's going to be a title that caters to fans, of course, but one that also invites completely new players onto the scene. Street Fighter IV was about reviving a passion. Street Fighter V is about growing that passion." That's a great quote – get it printed on a 2016 calendar.

Ono also touched upon the idea of player feedback – and how it's not always especially helpful. "What I've learned over the years is that it's not always the loudest voices that you need to listen to," he explained. "Often these people don't represent the masses. So it's a case of finding key people in communities around the world, in order to hear their take."

Preach it, brother.

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