Probably nothing to see here

Hype's a funny thing: it often leads people to jump to outrageous (and incorrect) conclusions. Take this PlayStation Vita hardware trademark, which some people seem to think is a new handheld revision. It was filed by Sony Computer Entertainment on 1st April, and spotted on a Twitter account which automatically posts fresh submissions.

To us, it looks identical to the current PS Vita Slim model, albeit with the original's two slots on the top and the SIM card input on the side. However, that's not stopped some people from going bonkers on NeoGAF, predicting that the platform holder is set to add an HDMI port to its pocketable platform, and also incorporate R2/L2 triggers. Hmm, we doubt it.

Look, there's just not enough information in this trademark to jump to any conclusions, so you're better off tempering your expectations until something is officially announced. Is a new model possible? Absolutely. But is it likely? Well, that's a question that you'd have to ask Sony – but we're going to say that it's probably not.

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