Alienation PS4 PlayStation 4

It's hard not to be hyped for a Housemarque title – but we wished that the Finnish outfit had provided some new footage alongside its latest Alienation progress report, as everything that it's describing screams Helldivers to us. That's not a bad thing – we loved Arrowhead's isometric shooter – but we would like to know what sets this intergalactic arcade romp apart.

Nevertheless, the Resogun developer's talking teamwork on the PlayStation Blog today. "The run and gun strategy will get you a few victories, but it will not win the war," Mikael Haveri explained. "Coordination and building trust with your teammates will ultimately be the difference between life and death."

The studio's promising plenty of variety, as in addition to three main character classes, you'll also be snatching up loot and customising your character. So far, so good – but so very Helldivers, too. Sadly, there's not enough information in this latest round of intel to understand what will make Alienation stand out, so hopefully the Helsinki firm returns with another round of info soon.