Resogun PS4 PlayStation 4

Even after the likes of Bloodborne and Velocity 2X, you could still make a case that Resogun is the best game on the PlayStation 4. Housemarque's next-gen launch title is one of this author's favourites, so perhaps the most impressive thing about the shooter is that the Finnish studio only fully started working on it eight or so months before the console's release.

"Originally, we were planning to make PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game, but that was close to the release of the PS4," said lead programmer Harry Krueger. "So, after a lot of talking with Sony, everybody agreed that it would be better to make it a PS4 exclusive initially. We started working on the PS4 version eight months before launch."

The snippet comes courtesy of a public post-mortem on the title, which includes early prototype footage and much more. The clip's a must watch for fans of the game, and delves into many of the design and artistic decisions that the developer adopted. We've embedded part one below, but we're already looking forward to the next instalment.