Helldivers Guns

We've all killed our fair share of alien bugs in Helldivers, but developer Arrowhead Studios is busy swatting some creepy crawlies of its own. Rolling out today, the title's newest patch squashes a load of bugs, glitches, and annoyances, while tweaking various gameplay elements.

While the update doesn't seem to be the previously announced upcoming content patch, there are still a few stand out changes that we're going to highlight. For starters, if you've suffered at the hands of glitched trophies, you should be able to claim them by heading over to the armoury menu, where the trinkets will apparently pop into existence. Next, joining up with friends should be easier, as you can now request up to date game info before deciding who to hook up with.

However, arguably the most important adjustment - at least for all of you suicide mission maniacs - comes in the form of a nerf for everyone's favourite exosuit. That's right, the alien scum slaughtering machine otherwise known as the EXO-44 'Walker' has had its total minigun ammunition cut down, meaning that you can no longer be quite as liberal with all of those bullets. Damn and blast.

And that's about it. If you're eager for the full patch notes, remember that you can press the options button on the game's PlayStation 4 menu icon, and scroll down to update history. Are you still on active duty in Helldivers? Climb into the nearest pod and crash into the comments section below.