Dead Island 2

This is a strange one, isn't it? Techland, the developer behind the original Dead Island, went on to create the rather enjoyable Dying Light after departing from publisher Deep Silver. Meanwhile, the former's getting a sequel in the form of Dead Island 2, but as cleverly points out, we haven't seen or heard from the game in a quite a while. And the strangest part? It's sill supposed to be releasing this spring.

The title's official Twitter account hasn't tweeted since February, and the last time that we saw any fresh gameplay was back in 2014. Needless to say, the aforementioned spring release date seems increasingly unlikely, especially if we don't see something concrete in the very, very near future.

Given Dying Light's impressive success, we suppose that it makes sense to push back Dead Island 2. Techland's latest expands upon the formula that it had created with the first title, and it's a thoroughly fun zombie romp as a result, which leaves us wondering if there's really much room for said sequel in the first place.

Are you betting on it being delayed until later in the year? Were you even excited for Dead Island 2, or has Dying Light satisfied your hunger for the undead? Stumble and fall into the comments section below.

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