Adventure Time: Jake and Finn Investigations PS4 PS3

There's been a selection of less-than-stellar Adventure Time tie-ins released on PlayStation platforms over the years, but the forthcoming Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations aims to take the popular Cartoon Network series in an all-new direction. Indeed, this outing's shunning the isometric exploits of its immediate predecessor in favour of a classic adventure game format.

"The gameplay is based upon exploring, investigating, and puzzle-solving," said developer Vicious Cycle Software's Dave Ellis. "Through the course of the episodes, you get to interact with dozens of your favourite Adventure Time characters all over the Land of Ooo, including the Candy and Fire Kingdoms, Wizard City, and Castle Lemongrab."

The game will be broken up into a series of cases, each set around the middle of the sixth season of the show. And if you're not so hot on all of the exploration, worry not, as Finn will need to use his trusty sword at points during the adventure. The title's due out later this fall, so expect more information from the Land of Ooo soon.