Gh Live

If you were around for the great Guitar Hero boom that was all the rage a good few years ago - a boom that filled multiple homes with currently dust-ridden plastic instruments - then you'll know that Activision all but killed the franchise's demand by releasing more games than most people could keep up with. With the property's revival, though, the publisher is supposedly going to make sure that won't happen again.

Indeed, according to Activision's senior director of product management, Tyler Michaud, there won't be another Guitar Hero in 2016, following the launch of Guitar Hero Live later this year. "It is not in our plan to put out a new disc in 2016," he said.

However, we wouldn't sing the publisher's praises just yet, because Michaud goes on to say "when you look at what [Guitar Hero Live's GHTV] can do, we can bring you that new content and new ways to play without having to ship you a new disc." Does that sound like plenty of DLC to you? It sounds like plenty of DLC to us.

What direction do you want to see the franchise take? Do you even want a new Guitar Hero? Shred out some tunes in the comments section below.

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