Warframe Gang

You've got to hand it to Digital Extremes, the developer behind PlayStation 4 free-to-play shooter Warframe. The amount of post-release support that the game has received has been impressive to say the least, and it's getting to the point where it's almost an entirely different beast to the title that was available when Sony's newest console first launched.

A new quest, Stolen Dreams, sees you breaking into a highly secured area to extract juicy data, while the Spy mission template has been tweaked considerably. Now, you'll have to gain access to three heavily guarded data vaults, with bonuses being awarded to players who are particularly stealthy.

A couple of new weapons also make the cut, with the Tonbo polearm sounding especially useful, sporting high base damage and nice reach. There's also a shiny new pair of pistols to get your hands on, too.

What's more, the update also includes new tactical alerts which boast new objectives, and the aptly named crossfire missions, where you'll be dropped into a conflict between two rival factions. Everyone likes a bit of a chaos, right?

How does this patch sound to you? Do you still dabble in Warframe? Slide on your knees into the comments section below.

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