Da Jaws

In what's been one of the strangest DLC launches that we've seen in recent years, Dragon Age: Inquisition's first downloadable expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, released today on Xbox One and PC. Meant as a surprise, the content was leaked before EA or BioWare had a chance to officially unveil its existence, and this has meant that it's flown completely under the radar.

Indeed, many fans don't even know that it's available for purchase, and we can see why - the DLC hasn't had any pre-launch media coverage whatsoever. Nevertheless, we've got its launch trailer, and it looks good. Taking place in a whole new area, the expansion will offer a new storyline, new enemies, and new loot.

Remember, though - this is a timed exclusive on Microsoft's part, which means that we PlayStation owners will have to wait a while before we can get stuck in. Are you interested? Do you think that timed DLC is utterly preposterous? Cut a flying lizard down to size in the comments section below.