The PS4 version looks hot at least

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is smashing its way into Japanese stores later this week, but, as always, some players have snagged a copy early. In this case, YouTube user Syaazaku2000 has plundered the Vita version of the game, and has uploaded 30 minutes of gameplay for us to gawk at.

With the brawler releasing on all of Sony's current platforms, handheld enthusiasts have been eager to see how the title runs on Vita. We've already seen a huge amount of PlayStation 4 gameplay, which appears to fit an absolute ton of action on screen at once, so it's interesting to see just how well things hold up on the pint-sized device.

Thankfully, barring some rather obvious pop-in, it looks like it runs pretty well. Which platform will you be picking Pirate Warriors 3 up on? Take a peek at the video that we've embedded, and let us know if you're happy with what you see in the comments section below.