The Walking Dead PS4 PlayStation 4

The Walking Dead: Season Three is in development – but it's not due out for some time. As such, it sounds like developer Telltale Games has got something a little extra in mind, which will hopefully tide you over until the new episodes arrive. "[Season Three] is not necessarily something that you can expect to see super, super soon," said PR chief Job J Stauffer at an SXSW panel. "But I think that you can maybe perhaps expect to see The Walking Dead again sooner."

Fans of the franchise will obviously recall the excellent 400 Days add-on, which bridged the gap between Season One and Season Two by introducing a bunch of new characters. While a lot of these were consigned to cameos in the new instalments, the likes of Bonnie did go on to become major stars, and it was nice having the context of the optional expansion to draw upon as protagonist Clementine acquainted herself with the cast as well.

All we need now is some kind of cloud-based save transfer system, because we want to transition to the PlayStation 4 version, but all of our decisions are saved on the PlayStation 3. Sort it out, Telltale – seriously.

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