Batman Stare

Batman's gone a bit bloody in the upcoming Arkham sequel, Batman: Arkham Knight. Last month, game director Sefton Hill stated that the release had been awarded an M rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which understandably came as a bit of a shock to many would-be buyers.

At the time, Hill pinned the reasoning on "a couple of mature scenes", and according to the ESRB's notes on the release, this does indeed seem to be the case. Unfortunately, if you want to read on about the details, then we have to warn you now that there are some spoilers ahead.

According to the report, the mature rating mostly stems from a scene in which a character is tortured, and the ability to "shoot unarmed characters and a hostage". It does sound quite dark, although we doubt that the caped crusader will be the one doing the shooting, right?. There's also mention of large blood stains, pools of blood, brutal crime scenes, strip club advertisements, and, of course, some swearing.

How do you think this sounds? Are you prepared to get grime on your gauntlets later this year? Swoop into the comments section below.