Scenes from Push Square Towers

And we're back with another edition of WAYP. It's a short and sweet entry this time (it's been one helluva week), but sometimes the best things come in small packages – at least, that's what this author is always telling himself. With the weekend here, you may be pondering whether to go outside – shopping, travelling, hiking, etc. Personally, we'd recommend just playing some good ol' video games.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I'm fighting the temptation to splurge on the PlayStation Store right now. I keep hearing intriguing things about Helldivers and White Night, and have had them both in my basket a couple of times. However, I have so much in my backlog that I'm determined to clear that out first. On the agenda this weekend? Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. Yeah, don't ask.

Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor

I'm a bit swamped at the minute, but I shouldn't really complain. I've started a fresh character on Dragon Ball XenoVerse, I'm busy slaughtering aliens with friends in Helldivers, and I've got to grind through Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. A pretty decent selection, then, and I'll have a review of the latter for you lot at some point next week.

Nicola Hayden, Games Editor

I've been really busy this week with my new position [Congrats, Nicola - Ed], so there hasn't been much leisurely time for games. Having just restarted Transistor, I really want to finish it up before it gets put back into the backlog pile. It's two against one, however, as Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea jumps the queue to take the review slot.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

Not a ton of room for games for me this weekend (it's a busy one!), but I'm really hoping to spend every possible spare moment I have playing White Night. I've played a little, and it's very interesting so far. Not long now until Bloodborne, either.

What's hot and what's not for you this week, then? Let us know what's on your gaming agenda in the comments section below.