Stealth Inc A Game of Clones PS4 1

Curve Studios' kooky arcade espionage escapade Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones will give the Wii U the slip next month, as it infiltrates the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Previously released as an exclusive for Nintendo's current flagship format, the sequel will join its predecessor on Sony's suite of systems.

Expanding upon the original, the punny sneak-'em-up promises a Metroidvania-inspired overworld, packed to the brim with hidden secrets, engaging gizmos, and much more. Don't worry, though, as everything that you loved about the inaugural outing will be present and correct, too – albeit amped up to eleven.

"With Stealth Inc 2, we've not only made a much larger game, we've spent a lot of time adding depth to the experience, with brand new equipment integrated into the main story and a far wider variety of areas to explore," Jason Perkins, the company's managing director, explained enthusiastically in a press release.

The title's due out in April, and aims to build upon the success of the property's previous instalment, which has surpassed one million downloads to date. Will you be shining a spotlight on this sequel, or allowing it to stay undercover? Try to avoid detection in the comments section below.