Dragon Quest PS4

Do you know what we love more than playing games? Talking about ones that haven't been announced yet, but are totally going to blow us away – Scout's honour. To be fair to Yosuke Matsuda, who's the president of Square Enix, he was asked by Japanese publication Nikkei Trendy about the company's upcoming fiscal year, where he teased a new console role-playing release.

"I think that we have a considerable amount of high-end games both inside and outside the country," he said, referring to the organisation's product portfolio. "Starting with Final Fantasy XV, we'll be putting out news for JRPGs. I think that we'll have a little surprise, too." He later stressed that this will be a "JRPG for home game machines".

We've been reading rumours for eons now regarding a mainline Dragon Quest on the PlayStation 4, and the sublime sales of Dragon Quest Heroes surely make this a possibility. Alas, there's nothing to really go on, and we're sure that the publisher will take its sweet time making any meaningful announcements. Please understand, etc.

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