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Sony's really going all out in Japan right now, attempting to capitalise on the PlayStation 4's impressive software lineup. As part of its marketing onslaught, it's recruited actor and singer Takayuki Yamada to star in a handful of commercials, which show that gaming is way more important than being your average Salaryman.

In the first of the advertisements, the overseas star is shown sitting in a meeting with his bosses. When they ask him why his current work project is running behind schedule, he responds: "Resident Evil! God Eater! Yakuza! One Piece!" Now that's the kind of excuse that we can get behind – especially seeing as it's delivered through the helmet of a Roman soldier. Shrugs.

The second spot shows Yamada beating on the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne when he gets a phone from his boss. He responds with a fake answering machine: "This is Yamada. I'm home, but my hands are tied. Try again a lit..." He gets hit. "Argh. Please call again at a later time!" We've all been there – we reckon that employers should be a little more understanding of the importance of gaming time.

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