Say it ain't so

As much as we've enjoyed DriveClub since it's been polished up post-release, we can't help but ponder what a next-gen MotorStorm would be like, complete with the crazy weather effects that Evolution Studios has already concocted. Well, we may be about to find out, as it looks like the Runcorn-based developer is adding, er, buggies to its PlayStation 4 exclusive racer.

The rumour comes courtesy of the Japanese PlayStation Blog, and looks pretty legit to us. Outlining the title's brand new patch, the website uploaded screenshots from the racer's replay mode, which show a selection of off-road vehicles doing battle on a dusty track. Cheekily, the images also show a user with a MotorStorm avatar, which can't be a coincidence.

We're excited for the Lamborghinis due out later this month, but if buggies are in the post-launch content pipeline, then this game may have just secured 'Best Season Pass Ever' status. We're serious: this game has been host to some of the best long tail support that we've ever seen. Other developers really should take note.

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