PlayStation Network

Those darned PlayStation Network outage articles have clearly left Sony scarred, as it's done away with the service's old logo. For the past ten or so years, it's employed the purple sphere symbol, but today's batch of firmware updates rendered the icon obsolete. You'll now find a much more contemporary circle on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, which is perhaps a little less striking, but much cleaner all the same.

This actually appears to be part of a much wider rebranding initiative, as it brings its various online services under the PlayStation umbrella. The likes of PlayStation Music, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Vue all have a similar style, so we quite like the consistency between the various initiatives. What do you reckon, though? Will you miss the old logo? Pour one out in the comments section below.

Top row: PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video; Bottom row: PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now.

Do you like the new PSN logo? (80 votes)

  1. Yes, I love it54%
  2. Hmm, I don’t know33%
  3. No, I detest it14%

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Which service do you think has the best logo? (72 votes)

  1. PlayStation Network49%
  2. PlayStation Music18%
  3. PlayStation Now24%
  4. PlayStation Video6%
  5. PlayStation Vue4%

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