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Busy, busy, busy – but Out This Week is (relatively) on time. After a couple of quiet weeks, the video game industry has opted to pack everything into a single week, with the Game Developers Conference, a special Project Morpheus event, and more new releases than we care to count all dropping at once. Fortunately, we thrive under pressure. Okay, we're actually all running around like headless chickens right now...

Pick of the Week: Helldivers

It was really hard to select a Pick of the Week this time out, but we figured that, with cross-buy, cross-save, and cross-play functionality, Helldivers would appeal to the biggest cross-section of our readers. Essentially an isometric version of Starship Troopers on steroids, Arrowhead Games' latest will see you dispatching all manner of bugs with up to four intergalactic allies.

Helldivers PS4 Review
With friends, Helldivers provides a brilliant and addictive co-op experience full of thrills, spills, and hilarious accidental deaths. Gameplay is quick, satisfying, and often chaotic, and the stratagem system gives the action a unique identity. The only question mark here is the one that hangs over the title's community, which must be sustained if the shooter is to realise its impressive potential.

Teamwork is the name of the game here, as friendly fire is turned on, meaning that you'll need to be conscious of where you're pointing your plasma rifle. Meanwhile, stratagems – special abilities that can be executed using Street Fighter-esque inputs – add a layer of tactical depth to the twin-stick shooting. Essentially, it's another top-notch indie outing, then.

PS4, PS3, Vita | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

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Everything Else

PS3 | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

La-Mulana Ex
Vita | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood
PS4, Vita | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines
Vita | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

PS4 | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

White Night
PS4 | 3rd March [NA], 4th March [EU]

Zombie Army Trilogy
PS4 | 3rd March [NA], 6th March [EU]

It's a decent week for all three Sony systems this time – especially if you're a fan of indie games. Which of these new releases will you be picking up, though? Let us know in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (13 votes)

  1. Crimsonland  0%
  2. Helldivers31%
  3. La-Mulana Ex8%
  4. OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood8%
  5. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines  0%
  6. Shiftlings  0%
  7. White Night  0%
  8. Zombie Army Trilogy54%

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