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Milestone: the developer that never sleeps. Seriously. The Italian studio's only just shipped two-wheeler RIDE, but it's already talking MotoGP 15. To be fair, we're a little bit late with this story, so slap our saddle rash and let's get on with it, because we'd honestly rather be in bed than writing about motorcycles.

What's new this time, then? Well, it sounds like all of the stuff from RIDE actually. You'll now be able to use GP Credits to purchase new rider gear, allowing you to outfit your fledgling biker like Suzi Perry when she's not hosting the Gadget Show. You'll also have the option to make your own way with sponsors, shunning the official teams so eager to sign your services. And there'll be a time attack type mode, too.

We're being a teensy bit flippant, but we actually really, really liked MotoGP 14, so we're looking forward to this. The developer may appear to stretch itself a little too thin at times, but it's clear that the bulk of its effort goes into this series. You can check out the debut trailer which shows a spunky cycle surrounded by television screens below.