Facial hair enthusiasts rejoice: Geralt's beard will grow in over time as you play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The protagonist's mug will gradually get hairier as he goes about his monster slaying business, and if that's not next-gen, we don't know what is.

However, according to CD Projekt RED's Michał Platkow-Gilewski, "the beard has several "states" and these states determine its length – the longest is really long but it's not Gandalf-long." But what happens if you're content with Geralt's current style? Well, the studio's even got that covered, as there'll be a free 'Beard and Hairstyle' DLC which stops it from growing any further.

A relative raindrop in an ocean of detail, beard growth is just one more thing to watch out for when the game releases this May. Will you be allowing our gruff hero to embrace the look of a mountain man? Cast aside your electric shaver in the comments section below.

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