FFXIVPatch2 1424345383. 51 Screenshot Chocoboracing 19. 01. 2015 02

With hot next-gen exclusives like Bloodborne and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD being released over the past month, it's arguably been a good time to jump the generational gap. If you bought into Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 3, this weekend will be your last chance to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version, free of charge. The offer was originally meant to end late last year, but has been extended by popular demand to the 31st March.

If you've only just gotten your new console, or have been procrastinating like this particular writer, then you can learn how to upgrade through here. With the title's first expansion, Heavensgate, on the way, and the latest patch adding the long awaited Gold Saucer, complete with chocobo racing and Triple Triad, it may be a good time to jump back into the realm of Eorzea - especially if you're hankering for a next-gen adventure.

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