Last year's model

Even we're starting to get sick of PlayStation 4 re-releases now, but we'd happily put aside our port fatigue for an Uncharted Collection on Sony's latest machine. There have been rumours regarding upgraded versions of Nathan Drake's previous escapades for a while now, and with sequel Uncharted 4: A Thief's End delayed, it's looking like a good fit for Christmas.

And it could be in production at Bluepoint Games, assuming that you're willing to read into a couple of job listings that it's posted. The firm – which is perhaps best known for the God of War Collection and the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection – is currently hiring for a remaster of a "critically acclaimed franchise on a current-generation console".

It does list PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the platforms in the post overviews, but it's very specific in the recruitment text about this being a single format thing. Of course, it could be referring to any number of properties, but we know that the Austin-based outfit has a good relationship with Sony. There are also other hints elsewhere in the advertisements.

For example, the VFX Artist position mentions that one of the candidate's responsibilities will include "mastering a proprietary game engine effects pipeline". This seemingly rules out titles built on the likes of the Unreal Engine, and tends to allude to something like Naughty Dog's own internal engine, which only it uses.

Even more intriguingly, it posted a job listing in late 2014, requesting a Character Artist to help it to "remaster a highly acclaimed AAA handheld product on a current-generation console". That one only referenced the PS4 as the intended system. Interestingly, a rumour from last year suggested that PlayStation Vita exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss would feature as part of a hypothetical Master Thief Collection.

While Naughty Dog did handle production of The Last of Us Remastered internally, we suspect that porting four titles to the PS4 while still trying to complete Uncharted 4 would stretch the studio a little too thin. Bluepoint Games certainly has the pedigree to do the property justice, though, and we reckon that all of this seems logical.

Of course, we are connecting dots here, so don't take this as a confirmation by any means. However, we do reckon that some kind of Uncharted Collection with beta access for the franchise's forthcoming native PS4 foray would be a compelling proposition this Christmas. Would you buy it, though? Sing along to Nate's Theme in the comments section below.

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