Uh oh

Evolve's getting a brand new monster soon, and it looks pretty devastating. Named the Behemoth, this rock-skinned beast can roll itself up into a big old wrecking ball of destruction.

The official gameplay trailer that we've embedded shows the creature off in all of its glory, while also walking us through the new hunters and their fresh abilities. Of course, this is where things get a bit complicated, as we have to work out how the game's ridiculous pricing structure comes into play.

Right, if you pre-ordered the release, then you'll get the Behemoth for free, but otherwise, it'll set you back a rather hefty $15. Meanwhile, the hunters can be bought separately, or you can nab them all together with the title's hunting pass. The DLC launches on the 31st March.

Are you still playing Evolve? Are you keen on trying out a new monster? Crush our frail human forms with ease in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com]