Never stop shooting

We hope that you're still mowing down alien scum in crazy co-op shooter Helldivers, because the download's first batch of DLC is crash landing onto the North American PlayStation Store later today.

Consisting of three packs that can be bought separately or all at once, each little bundle includes new specialised weaponry and equipment. The Commando Pack features a silenced submachine gun and a missile launcher, the Defender Pack boasts a new rifle and a handy-sounding backpack drone buddy, and the Support Pack gives you access to a fresh laser rifle and a drone that'll do its best to heal up your wounds. Isn't that nice?

Individually, each DLC pack will set you back $2.99, or you can fork out $5.99 for everything that's on offer. Are you still diving into Hell on PS4, PS3, or Vita? Accidentally crush us in the comments section below.