Find Facebook Friends PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide

Gaming is a great pastime individually, but it's even better when you share it with people that you know. Assuming that you're not a complete hermit, there's a good chance that you'll keep tabs on your pals through Facebook – and PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.50 makes it even easier than ever for you to connect with your real-life mates. Through the social media functionality already built into the next-gen system, it will find the PlayStation Network profiles of people that you know but may not have added to your friends list yet. The future has arrived.

1. Link Your Facebook Account to the PS4

Linking your Facebook account to the PS4 can take a little while, but fortunately we've already got a guide explaining how to do that. Click through here and follow the steps to login to your social media account, and then return to this guide when you're done.

2. Manage Your Facebook Link

Sorted? Right, make sure that you're at the PS4's home screen (where you'd load a game from), and then click through the following menu items: 'Settings' > 'PlayStation Network/Account Management' > 'Link with Other Services' > 'Facebook'.

3. Find Friends

You'll be on a page which will allow you to manage your Facebook account. Click 'Find Friends' to start looking for real-life pals.

4. Allow Facebook Friends to See You

You'll need to confirm some privacy settings at this point. Essentially the console will ask you whether it's alright for the PS4 to display your real name to Facebook friends. If you're comfortable with this, fill the tick box and select 'Confirm'.

5. Browse Your Facebook Friends

The console will then start looking through your Facebook connections for associated PSN accounts which you haven't already added to your friends list. Assuming that it returns some results, you'll then be able to send these people a friend request.