Bloodborne PS4 Blood Echoes Guide PlayStation 4 1

Bloodborne can be a stern challenge in the opening hours, but prepare yourself and you'll be able to make short work of bosses such as Father Gascoigne and the Blood-Starved Beast. One way to get the upper-hand if you're really struggling is to farm some Blood Echoes, which you'll be able to use to level up in the Hunter's Dream. You'll need more and more of these to improve your character over time, but one easy way to milk a few levels can be done an hour or so into the game.

Bloodborne PS4 Blood Echoes Farming Location

From the bridge where you encounter the Cleric Beast, you'll be able to open a gate which will unlock a shortcut to and from the Central Yharnam lamp. It's here where you're going to want to start out, but make sure that you've awoken the Doll by facing the aforementioned foe first. Take two flights of stairs downwards, ensuring to kill the grunt that gets in your way.

Bloodborne PS4 Blood Echoes Grinding Tips

You'll be standing in front of a doorway. Go in and kill the dude hiding in the dark, as well as the wheelchair goon further down the room. Head up the stairs where two more foes are waiting for you, and give them hell.

Look outside the exit to the staircase and kill the guy waiting at the top. Then turn right and draw the attention of the werewolves a little way down the bridge by running towards them.

Bloodborne PS4 Blood Echoes Guide PlayStation 4 3

Run back to the room where you just came from, and take a few steps away from the doorframe. The werewolves will chase you but won't be able to follow you in, leaving you with plenty of opportunity to hit them with a few charge attacks. Once they're both killed, you'll have earned around 1,000 Blood Echoes and plenty of Blood Vials. Run back to the Central Yharnam lamp and return to the Hunter's Dream to reset all of the enemy placements. Rinse and repeat a handful of times, and then talk to the Doll to cash in all of your hard earned Blood Echoes for some precious levels.