You've got to blow on it first

There are plenty of things that excite us about PlayStation right now, but the third-party productions team is one area that has all of Push Square Towers giddy. Over the years, we've been conditioned to believe that ports and localisations are down to their respective publishers, but over the past 12 months, Sony's stepped in to help make things like Borderlands 2 Vita and Grim Fandango happen.

And it was immediately on the case when critically acclaimed indie Gone Home was quietly cancelled for the PlayStation 4. The first-person exploration title was announced for Sony's next-gen system last year, but the breakdown of publisher Majesco means that developer Fullbright is now focusing all of its attention on intergalactic escapade Tacoma.

Fortunately, the platform holder has other ideas. "Will gladly reconnect and chat with [the team]," said Gio Corsi, who's the director of the Japanese giant's third-party productions division. The department's currently got its work cut out, with the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV on its slate, but Gone Home was such a critical darling that we'd love to see it added to the organisation's list.

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