These two look trustworthy

While there are definitely people still disgruntled with the PlayStation 4's lineup, we've been impressed by the sheer variety of software that's hit Sony's latest machine. One genre that it's been sorely lacking in, however, is the city building simulation – but fortunately, Tropico 5 will fill that gap from 24th April in Europe and North America. Viva El Presidente!

For those that haven't tried the series before, it essentially sees you assuming control of a banana republic, where you can adopt the role of a dictatorial tyrant or a democratic good guy that everybody adores. The choice is yours, but there'll be political fallout for whichever path you adopt.

There's more information on the various other faction leaders that you'll come into contact with over on the PlayStation Blog, so divert your peepers in that direction if you want to know more. Before you go, though, do let us know whether this tropical jaunt is to your tastes in the sunny comments section below.

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